Working party 11 April/18 April: Update

Despite having postponed the working party because of the weather, Roland, Alan Daniel and Helen went down to the Club to do some jobs. We found half a dozen stalwarts who had not picked up the message about the working party being postponed.

We got rained on and hailed on but everyone was keen to work. Neil Jessop and Roland put moss killer around the margins of the courts; Alan, Carly Hoyle, Les Simister, Maxine Orr, Deb Mortimer and Karen Taylor weeded, pruned and tidied up the borders and the planted areas; Helen cleaned the clubhouse.

So, thank you to those people who came down – well done! As a result we don’t need to have a working party next Saturday.

A rota will be put up in the clubhouse shortly for members to sign up to a duty – cleaning the clubhouse/mowing the grass/gardening and clearing leaves, twigs and other debris from the court surface. Please sign up to help keep the clubhouse and courts clean and tidy.

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